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For millenia, beginnings and endings of day have been check points that encompassed human lives.  Now they can define ours.

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We all need magic in our lives. And there are special times when it just becomes visible and infuses its beauty and serenity into our day.

You might not be there to witness it, but we are. And we'll bring it to you every day, one Earthrise at a time.

Come with us.


Intention is big in Next Level Humans: it ties straight into Awareness, one of the four fundamental component of Super Reality.

As an NLH Project, Earthrises uses our intention to obtain specific results, namely the alignment of our own soul with the cosmic Sun-Moon “Soul Axis”.

By actively opening our lives up to Solar energy and participation, by creating and maintaining a resonant space inside ourselves, and by securing today as a fundamental unit of time, we create the conditions for a Cycle of Existence to preserve and strengthen our Souls, and for them later to engage into further Cycles of Growth.

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